Caio lamp

by emmepidesign

H: 27 cm

Diam: 8 cm

Material: white carrara marble / black marquinia marble / grey bardiglio marble

Cable: red or black

Light: Bulb E27 60W

Caio Lamp, decorative table light, was born from the desire to celebrate the old bulb filament which now is slowly forgetting. The marble base has been designed to exalt the bulb, in an "monumental" way; its size, that is smaller than the diameter of the bulb, still leaves the scene to it, exalting the transparency of the glass without making it disappear respect to the materiality of the marble. The base is made by lathe, polished top and bottom, and scratched in the middle. This different processing becomes more apparent in black marble, which when scratched become gray. The cable is used in a variety of colors (red, black, green, blue, gold) and make the lamp, in our opinion, more funny. We also make a version with halogen bulb for customers "more modern."Bulb E27 60W

Photo by Gabriele Ancillotti

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